It’s taken me some time to get the motivation and courage to start a blog… I want to choose my words carefully. Let each one be meaningful and provide insight into being human.  That is what I am before anything else… HUMAN.  I also practice and teach Yoga. I meditate (or as I a prefer to say – sit quietly and observe my thoughts).
I am growing a love for gardening and surprisingly for running… (the later is a much slower progression of love than the former).  I enjoy baking and try to cook healthy wholesome and tasty food.  I have and still do from time to time suffer from depression.  I love watching sunsets and sunrises and going hiking (sounds a little like a match-maker blurb…)  My loving boyfriend inspires the spirit of adventure in me and helps me find the guts to jump out planes, off high cliffs and soon take on Mount Kilimanjaro!

If anything I hope that my blog inspires other people to be the best person they can be. None of us are perfect. We see our own humanity best when it is reflected back at us through someone else.  Perhaps I can be that mirror for you and you for me…